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100% FREE UK SHIPPING on all orders

100% FREE RETURN 30-day money back

100% FREE UK SHIPPING on all orders

100% FREE RETURN 30-day money back

Cancellation Order


Within an hour, you will have the ability to cancel your order directly from your email of confirmation. The “Changed Your Mind?” part may be found by scrolling below. Send an email to if it has been more than 60 minutes, and we’ll assist you come up with a different plan of action.

My order was unintentionally cancelled; can it be started again?

The easiest approach to get your order after you’ve cancelled it on the website is to place a new order when you check out. If you have any questions, email; we’re happy to assist.

think cancelled my order, but I’m not sure. Can you attest to its cancellation?

Once the order has been successfully cancelled, you will receive another email if you used the link in the order confirmation email to do so. Let us know at (and include your original #OFR order number) if you haven’t gotten cancellation confirmation email so we can check into it.

can’t seem to self-cancel, though! How can reverse my order?

Please email as soon as you can (with your #OFR order number and cancel/change request) if you’ve made an order including gift card so that we can assist you.

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